What Does The Bible Say About Gambling?

What Does The Bible Say About GamblingWhat does the Bible say about gambling?  Well, if you run a search for the word “gambling” you are not going to find it in the Bible.  So does that mean that the Bible approves of gambling?  It isn’t quite that simple.  You see, the Bible has a whole lot to say about money.  In fact, there are so many Scriptures about money that it would take whole books to go over them all.  God is very concerned about how we make our money, how we view our money and what we do with our money.  It is in the Scriptures about money where we can get an idea of what God thinks when we gamble our money away.  The truth is that gambling is a massive problem in modern society.  Recent research has shown that there are approximately 2.5 million “pathological gamblers” in the United States today and another 3 million U.S. adults who should probably be considered “problem gamblers”.  Well over 500 billion dollars is spent gambling each and every year in the United States.  That is a problem.  But it is not just in the United States where gambling is a problem.  Similar problems are found all over the world where gambling is permitted.  So what does the Bible have to say?  (Read More.....)